Decorating with landscape art

No matter what genre of art is having a popular resurgence, landscape art is a constant when it comes to popularity. Whether it’s a loose, abstracted work, an ethereal, idealized scene, or photorealism at it’s finest, landscape art is, has been, and will likely always be in demand. Browse our selection of landscape artists and their pages below. Click the images to enlarge them, and click the artist’s name to access their page on our website.

Brad Aldridge

“I believe for art to be a meaningful form of communication, it must be heartfelt and authentic. Great art must be an accurate reflection of the artist's view of the world. The world in which I find myself has elements of danger and longing to be sure, but I see my work as a reflection of my optimistic view that ultimately hope and beauty are always triumphant in the end." -Brad Aldridge

Stephen Bach

"I wanted landscape painting to be my career destination, since it has held my fascination from the beginning. My emphasis is in capturing the solitude and simple majesty in the landscape. I don't want to over-romanticize the subject matter. There's a line you can cross to sentimentality or schmaltz and I try to not go that route." - Stephen Bach

Ira Barkoff

"For me the landscape always connects my inner being with the outside world. Looking at a tree can make me feel the glory of the world; for that matter, so can a leaf floating to the ground. The beauty of the physical, visual world becomes a metaphor for the capacity of the spirit to renew itself.” - Ira Barkoff


Early Moon - 30” x 24”


Rick Davis

Rick Davis is a Nashville native and 69-year resident. He began studying at age nine and started teaching at age sixteen. He graduated from Auburn University in 1969 with a degree in Fine Arts and has exhibited nationwide and is in several private collections including the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga.

Michael Griffin

"From the time I was little playing in the wooded hills around my Tennessee home to snow skiing in the Rocky Mountains to climbing massive South Carolina oaks draped in Spanish moss, my upbringing was one intimately connected with nature. It was a childhood steeped in adventure. I fell in love with discovering places and their varied moods, atmospheres, and lights. As a grown man, I have tried to retain this childlike sense of wonder in the face of nature while adding the maturity of an artist’s critical eye.” - Michael Griffin

Greg Gustafson

“Far beyond merely illustrating the landscape, my objective in painting is to convey atmospheres of mood intermingled with images of pristine natural beauty. The explorations of color and light express my meditations on the ever-changing environment in both nature and the human psyche.” - Greg Gustafson

Pam Hassler

“Through color, brushwork and gestural lines I hope to convey a sense of universal struggle from the reality and harshness of life to a place of harmony. I use loose, active brushwork to express energy and dynamism. For me painting is a natural high. I paint to music and become so immersed in the action that the brush itself becomes the dancer.“- Pam Hassler

Matthew Hasty

Inspired by the luminous colors of nature he creates hauntingly beautiful landscapes of the South. He considers his paintings to be inspired mostly by landscape painters working in the Nineteenth century. Prominent landscape and marine painters of The Hudson River School, the luminists, The Barbizon School, The Dusseldorf School, and innumerable painters from Russia are some of his strongest influences. Matthew's Paintings can be found in collections throughout the United States as well as Russia, Germany, France, and South Korea.

Tim Howe

Howe's landscapes reflect his unique perspective of nature. For Tim there are no boundaries between Impressionism and Abstraction. The result is a varied body of work that skillfully blends nature between the two seemingly opposing viewpoints.

Joel Knapp

Joel uses lively color in an impressionistic style with oil paint to capture a feeling of time and place to share the blessings he feels with others. He paints a wide variety of subjects, plein air and studio works, in the United States, Europe, and beyond.

Sherrie Russ Levine

Sherrie Russ Levine is an artist noted for her paintings that capture the play of light and color as it appears in nature, and provide a welcome respite from the hectic environment of modern life. Her evocative landscapes are more about the essence of a place rather than its exact location, and she strives to transport you as the viewer right back there with an emotional connection.

Shane Miller

Shane's work is felt first and understood second. Just as his layers of oil paint are suspended in sheets of encaustic wax, his viewer is suspended in an ardent longing and understanding prompted by a soulful experience. Inspired by a sense of nostalgia, the work feels like a silenced emotion, a childhood home, and a potent future in simultaneous measure.

Karen Mullins

"Throughout my artistic career, I have focused on pen and ink artwork. Recently, I decided to pursue painting, which I find to be more relaxing and stress-free than my usual pen and ink drawings. Most of my work portrays the simplistic beauty of the landscapes around us. I hope that my artwork transports you from a hectic, busy world to one of quiet serenity, while conveying a warm, comforting feeling." - Karen Mullins


In the Meadow II - 20” x 16”


Chris Nissen

His style has often been described as "painterly realism" and his paintings continue to be highly charged with spontaneity and energy. These landscape paintings are usually highly colored and very broadly painted. The expressive brushwork and fluid use of paint lead to the creation of lush paint surfaces that often separate his work from much of the landscape painting that exists today. Over the years he has continued his to implement his vision of the landscape creating a large body of work.

Michael Poindexter

I find my intentions as they develop in an observational framework found in the landscape. Analogous comparisons to human forms and relationships are employed to give life and reference to inanimate subjects. Abstraction, beyond the reduced complexity required to focus form, is applied to complex objects and their arrangement to reveal a cohesive and supportive composition.

Chris Segre-Lewis

“These new paintings track my personal fascination with the American West. My interests are focused on the geographical interactions between humans and the land rather than mere romantic allusions. In these paintings I am suggesting the evidence of human movements guided by the sublime and yet spartan allure of the expansive western landscape. As well, I hope to express the spiritual appeal of the west with its grand, perceptually overwhelming vistas that tend to read as God sized marks built upon celestial compositions." - Chris Segre-Lewis

Lisa Taylor

"My mission as an artist is to capture moments through visual expression... To take a fleeting moment and convey that impression, that feeling and connection, with my own interpretation on the canvas. My aim is not to represent what is seen, but to elicit what is felt." - Lisa Taylor

Just Another Day - 36” x 10”

Patrick Taylor

Patrick began painting at an early age and received recognition and awards for his work from the moment he started school. He studied fine art at Augusta College under the tutelage of such influential artists as Jim Rosen and Janice Williams, and was fortunate to have been accepted to their Italian study abroad program. Later, as Perparator for the Morris Museum of Art, Patrick became inspired by many of the great Southern masters.

Charlotte Terrell

Charlotte Terrell began her arts education in Columbus, Mississippi, where she grew up with an admiration for fine art, and historical architecture of antebellum homes. Their finely adorned construction and works of art were Charlotte's introduction to 19th century painted finishes. Her work in mixed media is grounded in century's old painted finishes, and trompe-l'oeil techniques. 

Lynn Whipple

“I have spent the last twenty years making my living as a mixed media artist. I show my work in juried shows, galleries, and museums across the country. I feel fortunate that my artwork has been awarded as well as published in several books and magazines. In the past few years, I have turned my focus more and more towards painting outside. Plein air painting is an artistic path I plan to walk down for years to come, simply for the sheer, childlike joy of it." - Lynn Whipple

Skyscapes - 38” x 34”

Skyscapes - 38” x 34”