Artist Information

Born in a country where awesome beauty abounds, Tim was surrounded by the vastness and overwhelming majesty of New Zealand's landscape.  It is here where he was first inspired to express nature's limitless splendor through his art.  Howe graduated from the Wellington School of Design in Wellington, New Zealand, studying a variety of disciplines including fine art, illustration, graphic design, photography, and printmaking, all of which are, at times, incorporated into Tim's work.  After graduation, Howe immigrated to the United States and established his design studio in San Diego, CA. 

The turning point in Tim's career was the fulfillment of his desire to paint in the light and colors of the Mediterranean, to paint and study on the same soil as the great masters of the late 19th century.  Traveling throughout Spain, France, and Italy, Howe became so enamored with the region that he established a studio in Barcelona, Spain. 

Howe's landscapes reflect his unique perspective of nature.  For Tim there are no boundaries between Impressionism and Abstraction.  The result is a varied body of work that skillfully blends nature between the two seemingly opposing viewpoints.  

Howe's current works, a contemporary interpretation of landscapes, incorporate a dramatic use of color and texturing while capturing his subject matter with a unique contemporary flair.  His landscapes seem to literally stretch beyond the canvas.  With vivid accents and lively, vigorous brushstrokes, Howe continues his search for new images of familiar subjects.