Artist Information

“When I was sixteen I traveled from Nashville to Los Angeles with my Aunt Lenore, who lived there. She took me to the Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, Carl’s Bad Caverns, and, best of all, the Grand Canyon. I took a whole roll of film. I didn’t know until later the roll didn’t develop. I’ve come to the conclusion that my affinity for the Grand Canyon is not only its gratuitous beauty, but it’s similarity to architecture.

I painted professionally for about twenty years doing portraits, landscapes, and still life works. From the 80s to 2001 my work vacillated between realism and impressionism. After a while, I lost my passion for painting and noticed my quality was dropping due to the fact that art had become a job without passion.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer seventeen years ago and painted for about another year. I then went to work at Sprintz furniture and have been there for almost fifteen years.

About four years ago, I visited a friend in Rochester, NY. He took me on a tour around the area and it inspired me to start painting again. The cliffs especially intrigued me.

Now Im painting what I want and when I feel like it, but I can tell you this: my passion is back.” -Rick Davis