Decorating with landscape art

No matter what genre of art is having a popular resurgence, landscape art is a constant when it comes to popularity. Whether it’s a loose, abstracted work, an ethereal, idealized scene, or photorealism at it’s finest, landscape art is, has been, and will likely always be in demand. Browse our selection of landscape artists and their pages below. Click the images to enlarge them, and click the artist’s name to access their page on our website.

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Custom Framing: Multiple Mats

Works on paper and photographs generally benefit from having a mat included in custom framing materials. A mat helps keep the piece in place, enhances the focal point, and keeps the glass from being directly on the artwork.

A simple way to add something special to a 2D piece is by using multiple mats. In the piece below, you can see how adding a few mats in different tones really draws the eye in to the piece. They accentuate the different tones in the artwork, as well.

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Decorating with colorful art

There has been a shift to all-white rooms in interior decorating in recent years. One of the major advantages to this trend is that white creates a perfect backdrop for art with a big dose of color, which is also a great way to add some interest to a monochromatic room. Listed below are some of our favorite artists that use a wide variety of bright colors in different ways throughout their art.

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