Interior Decor: Abstract Art

What makes a work of art great? There are plenty of answers to that question, but when it comes to interior decor, the answer is simple: your enjoyment of the piece.

There are so many great abstract artists, and we represent a solid group of them at the gallery. Click through each name to go to their page and find out more about the artist and their work:

Michelle Armas - Originally from Texas and now living in Decatur, GA, Michelle credits the influence of her Spanish family for her use of bright, bold colors.

Lauren Betty - Atlanta-based painter Lauren Betty is inspired by both her upbringing in North Carolina as well as her extensive travel in South America, Russia, Germany, and Italy.

Paul Brigham - Primarily self-taught, Paul Brigham’s work combines the bold forms of abstract expressionism with the serene qualities of Asian-inspired art.

Nick Capaci - Heavily influenced by geometry and shadow, Nick Capaci’s mixed media work incorporates texture, line, and shape on sturdy panels. He often uses aluminum for his panels to create his signature textures.

Mary Beth Cornelius - Cornelius’s emotive painting style makes for a bold aesthetic that’s filled with tension and movement.

John Hyche - Found objects create texture in Hyche’s richly-colored, large-scale paintings.

Karen Laborde - With a range of color palettes and textural details, Karen Laborde’s work strives to bring the viewer to a place of meditative introspection.

Ed Nash - The bright color fields and rich textures of Ed Nash’s non-representational work are rooted in his background in the social psychology of art.

Brad Robertson - Robertson’s work is based around his use of color and texture, and he enjoys the viewer projecting their vision onto his abstractions.

Michael Schaeffer - With a desire to create order in his art, Michael Schaeffer goes between immersive creation and objective observation to get to the finished work.

Pat Snyder - Snyder creates her work in the way a quilt is assembled, layering color and texture in turns to create her colorful pieces.

Toni Swarthout - Letting her connection with nature guide her creative energy, Toni Swarthout creates her paintings with fluid motion, letting her natural response to the action of painting determine the imagery on the canvas.