Custom framing: Adding fillets to your project

Custom framing can be pretty cut and dry for many projects, but what about the pieces that require something a bit special? There are many elements that you can choose to make a framing project more elaborate, and custom fillets are a great way to use a small detail to create a big impact.

You may be asking yourself What on earth is a fillet? A fillet is a small decorative insert that traditionally rests on the inside of a mat. A fillet is a great way to add a bit of something special to a piece.Like Frames, fillets come in a variety of styles ranging from elaborate and traditional to clean and contemporary.

Fillets aren’t just for dressing up mats, though. We have a couple of great examples of how to use a fillet in a way that isn’t the traditional way.

First, let’s look at a fillet set into a linen liner. This a great way to bring the focus in toward the piece of art after giving it a bigger footprint via framing. Rather than getting lost in a sea of white linen, the fillet adds a bit of framing punctuation, giving it some separation from the background and tying the gold of the frame in with the piece.

Next, we have a piece framed in a fillet, mounted on a linen mat, and finished with a complimentary frame. This piece is an excellent example of transitional style: it’s modern without being stark or cold, and traditional enough to fit in any formal space.

If you’re interested in framing options with fillets, come on by the frame counter. Our friendly staff is always happy to help you in your selection, and we love new ideas. As always, no appointment necessary.