Custom Framing: Framing a set

Framing a set of work seems like it’s simple: pick a mat, a frame, and go. However, making a set into a cohesive body of work takes a bit of thought. It’s important for the framing to be complimentary to the work without overwhelming the individual pieces.

A gorgeous example of a well-framed set of work is Miranda Herrick’s Works and Days 2 series. Seeing the series of 365 drawings in the gallery is one thing, but how does it translate into a home or office environment? The answer is: perfectly.

As you can see, Miranda Herrick’s choice to frame her drawings in neutral-but not white-mats allow the drawings to stand out from the framing. The silver-toned frame adds an unobtrusive finish to each piece while making it easy to hang a multi-colored grid of her work. The clean, neutral framing draws the viewer in for a closer look.

Another great example of a series of framing is this set of small works by Lisa Taylor. This display was in our gallery for about a day before clients started snapping up her work, and it was a perfect way to show how multiple pieces work to create a singular display.

11-2018 Showcase 07.jpg

If you have a series you’re interested in framing, bring it by the frame counter to see your options. Our design experts will listen to your ideas and bring them to life, or help guide you if you’re not sure which direction to go.