Artist Statement 

"I was raised in a home dripping with art. The smell of linseed oil, my mother's stained hand, jars of pigments, boxes of treasures...these are the memories that fill my soul.  I resisted following in familiar footsteps, eager to find my own way. Finally, I came to a fork in my path. My life shifted and suddenly I was still. I had nothing left to say, nothing left to do. Simply put, I picked up a brush and I began to paint.

"My surfaces are heavy and time intensive. Layers of medium allow images to simply appear, like looking at clouds. My creative response forms around drips, pooling pigments and chunks of plaster. Images seem to move in and out, constantly morphing and spinning into something new. I'm inspired by all that surrounds me, and I am forever grateful." -Tracy Sharp


BFA at University of Georgia, 1990