Artist Statement

"My art is fundamentally conservative in nature. I concentrate on traditional aspects of painting: illusion of space, depiction of volume, suggestion of enveloping light.

"I prefer still life subject matter. Everyday objects in eloquent arrangements has architecture, local color, variety of shapes, forms, and scale, and doesn't get up and go anywhere. I work directly from life. Prolonged observation, concentration becomes informed and layered with memory and invention. A complete painting never looks like the original motif. My objects move around, appear and disappear as the overall pictorial structure evolves.

"My paintings strive to be simple, yet complex. A coherent, unified, refined image can be apprehended 'all at once,' but sub-groupings, variations on the theme, hidden surprises reward extended looking. Beyond the obvious appearance of objects skillfully drawn, symbolic connotations arise. An empty, receptive vessel, a robust fruit, a discarded, wrinkled paper in its afterlife.

"My paintings strive to express a feeling of eloquent stillness, silence, contemplation such as one might experience in a small chapel. A muted palette, relatively narrow band of paint handling, small objects contribute to this effect. A matter of factness within an atmospheric space.

"Apparently I have an artistic split personality. My fascination with landscape embraces a chaotic, improvisational approach--thick paint, blurred forms, casual touch. Maybe as time goes by I'll find a way to reconcile still life and landscape." -Paul Weber


Paul Weber lives in Fox Lake, Illinois. He's a professionally trained artist with academic degrees from St. John's University and the University of Iowa, where he received his MFA. He recently retired from a 20-year career in graphic design and software engineering, and is now painting full time.