Artist Information

Like reaching to grasp the visuals of a dream as they dematerialize, Shane Miller's encaustic body of work makes a viewer ache with longing for more: more immersion, more understanding, more tactility. Unlike reaching for a dream, Shane's work always offers more: more emotion, more variety, more understanding of one's self.

Shane's work is felt first and understood second. Just as his layers of oil paint are suspended in sheets of encaustic wax, his viewer is suspended in an ardent longing and understanding prompted by a soulful experience. Inspired by a sense of nostalgia, the work feels like a silenced emotion, a childhood home, and a potent future in simultaneous measure. 

Working in oil and wax on board and canvas, Shane builds into his dreamscapes a reverence for past memories. the moments feel fleeting, but are born of complex layers of paint and wax which ensure an everlasting opportunity for desiderium.