Artist Information

Melita Osheowitz is a self-taught painter born in New York, having first arrived on the art scene in 2001 at Tennessee’s Arts Company. Osheowitz paints with a relatable simplicity - indicative of the surrealists of the early 20th century, expressing complex notions of loss and rebirth. Melita Osheowitz sees her work as limitless, utilizing a muted color palette and feathered brushstrokes to create an expansive background with figures emerging from space. Her treatment of paint largely adheres to soft and subtle aesthetics – though abandoned at times – to bring a focused intensity to themes of hope. It is important to note the empathic and solemn affect both given to and produced by Osheowitz paintings.

Deeply emotive, Melita Osheowitz reacts to paint as if playing with clay: she builds a mystifying environment in which phantom memories serve as cautionary tales. Her unique style of painting brings notions memento mori into the contemporary purview, replacing the skull, which historically represents mortality, with an egg as a symbol of new beginnings teetering on the edge. Enveloped in a precarious situation, personified creatures invoke a push and pull commenting on current societal tensions. With a mythic wisdom her creatures deliver what needs to be delivered and protect what needs to be protected.

Melita Osheowitz is currently living in NYC .