Artist Information

Award winning artist Lisa Upchurch Moore was born and raised in Northwest Georgia.  Surrounded by artists, educators and free thinkers, Lisa was taught to look at the world in a way that enabled her to appreciate the beauty and wonder that surrounds all of us.  That open way of thinking and seeing let Lisa to develop the skill of creativity that took her through sixteen years in the corporate world as an organizational development and design specialist.  In short, her personal and work life passionately led her to a career as a professional artist.

Currently, Lisa's creative progression is influenced by the emotions of everyday life.  Lisa creates paintings that evoke a sense of the familiar.  Her soulful renditions of everyday subjects help the viewer transcend to another place and time.  Lisa's work has been described as romantic, sensuous, and poetic.  A gifted colorist, she paints exceptional figures, children and rural settings.  Recently her work has exploded, reaching new levels.  By applying paint, wax, lace, and plaster, she is creating a dramatic surface with the subject matter becoming more abstract.  Lisa's work is instinctive and brings to life the underlying theme of the beauty that exists in our lives.