Artist Statement and Information

"I have always loved to create. As a child, it was evident I had acquired my father’s genes and would join him in his workshop where the beginnings of my art career were born. His workshop was a playground for my curious mind. Nails, saws, paints, wood, metal and tools became the mediums for my imagination. He encouraged me, and both my parents supported my decision to enter the University of Alabama as an art major. I graduated in 1984 with a BFA in graphic design.

"Because graphics were developing into a computer-based field, I made the spontaneous decision to join American Airlines as a flight attendant instead of continuing to pursue further education in graphics. A desire to see the world for a year or two, has resulted in 23 years as an International Flight Attendant for American Airlines. During this time, I was exposed to the unique colors and cultures of the world. This exposure led me to express my 'anything is possible' attitude and I began to paint again in 2000.  Painting was my millennium resolution. Through the encouragement of mentor artist Judy Anderson and the late Louise Lequire, I was encouraged to explore texture, color and various techniques. Abstract, contemporary compositions were the most challenging and fun for me. I have worked for several years experimenting with my ideas and influences to develop my own style. I began experimenting with coffee and tea staining. Upon researching this ancient art, I encountered challenges in working with organic substances. Through collaborating with other artists and experimenting mixing with gel mediums and paint, I was finally able to manipulate the paint concoction into an interesting medium that had a mind of it’s own. Often in my painting, I allow the paint to decide the composition and subject matter.

"I now paint mostly mixed medium pieces. My unconventional execution of realistic subject matter meshes the taken for granted idea with the imagined idea. I paint the suggestion of figures, landscapes and the occasional abstract. I spend a small amount of time adding painting and a lot of time removing it. Lately the deconstruction of the painting has resulted in a more interesting piece. As paint and materials are removed, each layer underneath presents itself. This technique results in various textures and colors floating about the painting. This process allows the painting to have a birthmark, a journey and finally a history that will last forever." -Kris Prunitsch


Hopkinsville ArtGuild Memorial Award

Madison Art Center Emerging Artist Finalist

Selected Exhibitions

2008 Harding Academy Fine Art Show, Nashville, TN

2007 Brentwood Academy Fine Art Show, Brentwood, TN

2007 Bennett Galleries, Duet Show, Nashville, TN

2007 Harding Academy Fine Art Show, Nashville, TN

2006 Featured Artist, Brentwood Academy, Brentwood, TN

2006 Watermark Restaurant, Permanent Collection, Nashville

2005 Artclectic, Nashville, TN

2005 Brentwood Academy Fine Art Show, Brentwood, TN

2005 Pennyrile Art Guild Show, Memorial Award