Artist Statement

"For most of the last ten years, I have personally witnessed the creative growths of at least a dozen artists, all of whom I have proudly represented in their professional endeavors. And it has been a great honor that has been bestowed upon me to expose their works to clients, to aid them in their careers, to struggle with them in uncertain times, and to always believe in them as exceptionally talented people. I have been involved with all of them on an amazing journey, one that never ceases to intrigue. 

To witness the creative process unfold on thousands of canvases, where images are drawn from an infinite number of ideas, and to present finished works of art to a select group of clients confirmed in me what many artists, clients, and my family have been saying to me for some time: that I too am an artist. So for the last few years, I have dedicated more of my time to painting - to experiencing life on a canvas as I see it in reality. 

My inspirations come from everyday experiences: solitude in natural environments, witnessing pure innocence and wonder in my children, the last leaf falling before winter settles, casting shadows from light’s last glimmer, unexpected encounters with others that cause me to realize we are not alone, and joy that comes from moments of serendipity. 

So I am motivated to walk a path that leads to no specific place, but always delivers me to discover Life, its beauty, its complexity, and its value. And I paint for the same reasons that I breathe-to live my life fulfilled, to satisfy something within me that yearns for expression, and to leave behind an example to my family of what can be and not what could be. 

I am a self-taught painter that has been guided by more than 60 years experience of my uncle, Roger Brittain, my mother, who is an artist at heart, and by all the artists that I currently promote, and by the love of my wife, Cecilia Lucas." -John Lucas