Artist Information

Jennifer Quigley began her education at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Beginning college in high school landed her a place at Pennsylvania State University Main Campus where she studied Integrative Arts in State College and Puebla, Mexico. Upon graduation, Quigley began using the guitar as her primary sculptural subject matter. This interest led her to become the first woman in Gibson Guitar history to work in the Warranty Repair Department in Nashville, Tennessee. She continued using the guitar as primary subject matter and gradually moved into more large scale, abstract, mixed media oil paintings and found object pieces. She showed in many galleries in Nashville, Los Angeles, Telluride, Atlanta, and Detroit. She has sold over 600 pieces, commissioned to do numerous exterior murals and featured in Rolling Stone magazine for one of the numerous murals in Detroit. 

Quigley attended graduate school in Cambridge, Massachusetts at the founding university in the world for this field of study.  Her interest in bringing the arts to the masses fueled her interest in the arts used in a therapeutic approach. After receiving her Master Degree, she has since returned to Pennsylvania and placed new roots in the small city of Lancaster. There she has a studio in the Lancaster Creative Factory that has a strong lean towards ceramic work making it possible again for her to create ceramic guitars and any other hand built ceramic sculpture work. 

Never settling for just one medium, her studio is full of oil paintings, found objects, and ceramic work. She allows the idea dictate what medium it wants to be created in. Never one for conformity, her work explores a broad band of subject matter leaning more to abstract. Typically, she works in a series and prefers to work large scale.