Artist Information and Statement

Jennifer Oxford has devoted her life to developing her artistic talent. Born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1990 she took to paint as early as the age of two as a way of self-expression and communication. Pursuing art full time became the dream and eventually the goal as she followed her talents into a scholarship at Birmingham-Southern College.
While attending college Jennifer had the opportunity to experience many different media and ended up graduating with a BFA with three different concentrations, drawing, painting, and printmaking. Watercolor, however, was not included in the painting curriculum. Being self-taught, with her medium of choice, gives her more of a chance for self-exploration and the chance to break the boundaries of what watercolor can do. Her technique combined with her interest in human dynamics is what makes her work stand apart from the rest. 

"As a shy kid I’ve always been an observer. I’m fascinated by behaviors and social dynamics, not just in the human world, but the animal kingdom as well. That is the basis of my work, describing complex human moments with basic animal behaviors. My work started very personal, using moments from my life to express my personal identity, which then evolved into the broader human experience. All of that being said I focus on the positive outcome of past experiences/ finding beauty from negativity." 

Jennifer continues to explore all that art has to offer and doesn’t feel like watercolor is a permanent decision. She believes that the ability to grow and change with the work is half the excitement behind creating and is ready to see where her art will go in the future.