Artist Information

“I like to shape imagery and color to express the human and natural conditions of my life. To me, color represents emotion. And it's through emotion that allows me to create an expressive language through painting and drawing.

I like pushing two opposing parts of a painting at the same time. For instance, painting in broad strokes, off colors, and crazy shapes to somehow show implied detail within the image as well.

Within the last several years of creating I have shifted my work from creating an academic approach to nature to an intuitive method of the human condition. I attribute this shift to the birth of my four year old daughter Merabelle. With her it became difficult to focus on a subject I felt removed from, to one that was crying, sleeping, and showing me the essence of the unexplainable when it comes to the human experience. My struggles are different now, what I thought was less important, is more and what was more important before her is less now. It's shown me a natural, progressive way to capture moments in my life without having to be representational to color or structure.” -Jeff Surace