Artist Statement 

"I was raised with the discipline of dance. Leaving dance as an adult left me with a void that was more than physical. After exploring many forms of physical activities, I was introduced to yoga and knew instantly what I was seeking was within this practice. Yoga is a philosophy, a science, and an art. It is also a therapy. I began to develop a positive sense of well-being and a reality that my reaction is the only true armor I have against internal and global crisis. 

On September 11th this sense of well-being was deeply shaken and replaced with feelings of chaos. I felt an urgent need for a deeper connection, not just with my inner circle, family and friends, but a more personal connection with purpose and direction in my life. In my new series, I seek to regain harmony not just from a sense of internal balance but an extension of this balance to include the environment within our personal universe. In these paintings, I revisit places and experiences that have brought me joy and peace, and in doing so have regained rhythm in my life." -Felice Sharp