Artist Statement

I have been creating art for as long as I can remember.  Drawing and painting, as a way of expression and creativity, have always been a passion.  For myself, inspiration for a painting can come from just about anywhere.  A beautiful sky, flowers, a piece of fabric or wallpaper, animals, the weather, and vintage items are just a few examples of what my get me into my studio, excited about creating art.  More than anything, I love the process from the early stages to completion.  I love to play with color, layering, proportion, and juxtaposition.  Rarely does a piece turn out the way that I had originally intended.  I am always discovering new ways to use the many different mediums that I integrate into my work.  

It seems a common thread through all of my work is that I am trying to create an environment within the piece.  My wish is to stir up some emotion and/or curiosity in the viewer.  I feel that my work is constantly and fluidly changing and evolving.  Almost all of my paintings are created using mixed media including acrylic paint, oil based washes, papers, graphite, and colored pencils, texture mediums and a collage of collected items on canvas or board.


Painting major, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, University of Memphis, 1995