What we're looking for: 

Before you submit your work, please view the art on our website or visit our gallery and ask yourself “Would my work fit in here?” The artwork in our gallery is a variety of modern/traditional/abstract. We mainly sell canvases or works on board, and we also typically sell very large pieces (30” x 40” and larger).  We generally do not accept sculpture, works on paper or photography, although that is not a steadfast rule. Work should be of the highest quality made of premium, archival materials. Artists should not be in another gallery in Nashville unless we have discussed otherwise. 



First, please mail or email images to the gallery with a personal note telling us a little bit about who you are and what you do. If you mail them, they may be on a CD or photos no larger than 4 x 6. Please do not send slides. You may also email us your website in lieu of images. Emailed images should be in jpeg format. The images should show us the range of your work and subject matter. Include sizes and retail prices . Please also include your phone number and contact information! If you want us to mail your items back to you, please include a SASE. Please do not come into the gallery and expect to meet with someone without an appointment. 


If we feel that your work is appropriate for our gallery, we will then contact you to discuss further. If you wish to have a signed agreement, please bring one with you when you bring your artwork or mail one if you are shipping your pieces. If you have any questions, please contact us directly. 


Thank you and good luck!