Artist Statement

"When I am painting, I do not think about what reality looks like and what happens within it, but rather focus on what is happening in my own imagination. As an artist, I am attracted to a woman's figure and gestures. That to me speaks the language of truth and reveals something that words cannot describe. I see the movements of hands and feet as mirrors of the soul, and in each work they play a prominent role in the stories I am trying to portray. My figurative work is a passionate journey of different feeling, moods, emotions, sensitivities, and the interpretation of body language. The gesticulation and poses of my muses tell the stories of their lives. Sometimes these can be vulnerable, lonely, and sad, yet others can be quite the opposite. They can be charming, mystic, and imbued with desire. Most importantly, I hope to present them as alluring objects of timeless beauty. I encourage my viewers to interpret the story of these paintings through their own individual experience and to their own end." -Adam Wator