Artist Statement

Peter Kuttner was born and raised near Boston, MA and on the rugged coast of Maine. Shortly after earning his BFA from Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL, he was the Art Director of New Life Films. He also led the graphics department of the National Museum of American Illustration. While he enjoyed the creativity of these dynamic institutions, he always found the most satisfaction in making his own, personal artwork. Peter relocated to Phoenix, AZ, and, with the turn of a new century, he bravely embarked on a career as an artist. 

Kuttner's sophisticated understanding of dimensionality cuts across his entire body of work, creating a coherent and seamless aesthetic. He exploits the painted plane as a structure of opportunity for depth by layering textures, colors, and finishes. His technical skill, paired with an organic style and neutral palette captures the tension between city life and the inevitability of quiet moments to be found there. He considers the textures of urban existence, from our emotional responses to the physical environment to the everyday practical concern of inhabiting a densely populated city.