Artist Statement

"My name is Inna Nasonova Knox. When people ask me what is my favorite color, my answer is 'I love them all!' I paint my paintings with a lot of sunshine, with the use of bold and clear hues. My preferences in painting topics are cityscapes, seascapes, and landscapes, where I am accentuating on the local culture of an area. I truly believe that every city and place has its own character and individuality.
I grew up in several Russian cities with over a million populations. Living in Kazan, St. Petersburg, Litvenia Kaunas, Ukraine Krivoy Rog.... I immigrated to USA in 2000, and in 2005 became a US citizen. Currently, I am a dual citizen of Russia and USA. My life experience and art educational background has broadened my visual art approach. Throughout my life I have sold my paintings in different private collections in different countries. My art has been displayed in different Countries and States, including Russia, Ukraine, Litvenia, Aruba, Wisconsin, Florida, and Tennessee." -Inna Nasonova Knox