Artist Statement 

I was born with a love for art. I attended Seattle University, earning a BA and studied fine art at Corninsh College of the Arts in Seattle. Upon graduating, I got a little taste of the "starving artist" lifestyle and feared that the only way I could survive financially was to join the corporate forces. I pursued a second degree in Visual Communication, which landed me a graphic design position at The Food Network.

After six years in the graphic design industry, I felt that I had given up too much of what I loved for a career that I wasn't passionate about. The time I spent behind the computer screen didn't feed my soul. After much thought, I decided to trade in my corporate clothes for some canvas and paints and take a chance at doing what I love. The second I chose to pursue painting full time, things fell into place. I showed at a local Art Walks in Nashville and Franklin and quickly landed representation by several local galleries in Middle Tennessee and Kentucky.

Painting is my avocation and my vocation. I create art because it is an extension of myself. I love the challenge of bringing energy to canvas through color, texture, and even simple lines. My work has evolved over the last several years from traditional interpretations of people and nature to my current focus, which is abstract studies of equestrian subjects. I embrace changing perspectives in my creative process, which moves my work forward. The act of creating art is what I love, inspiring a dialogue between my paintings and my audience is what I pursue. -Stephanie Jeanne Hardy