Artist Statement

The aesthetic of my paintings is human emotion, sometimes raw, sometimes joyful. Although they might appear androgynous, the figures are always women, my imaginary spirit sisters. Some works are autobiographical, but just as many are pure fiction.

My recent paintings developed from a growing awareness of my own age and strength. As I have aged, the women have becme more powerful, but more subtle at the same time, sometimes vulnerable, but more ofen with the strength to transport them to other worlds.

The paintings are narrative and tell stories about some of that thick and thin stuff life doles out with regularity. Often, the story seems to be in a language foreign to me, as if my creativity has been hijacked by an alien.

The intention of the titles is to encourage the viewer to create a story. Inspiration for titles often comes from lines in short stories, which I manipulate to fit my work. -Harriet Goode