Artist Statement

"Making intuitive connections between seemingly unrelated things tickles my brain. Constructing rich visual narratives based on these unexpected relationships — creating beauty and order out of chaos — feeds my soul. Through mixed-media collage, I pursue the unknowable world, even though the veil can never be fully lifted. It is a constant seeking to discern and illuminate the unseen, or, to paraphrase artist Paul Klee, 'Make the invisible visible.'

"The act of creating is an adventure. Layering bits of paper consisting of details and fragments hand-cut from images found in used books, old catalogs, magazines, and other sources, I employ a reverse-glass collage technique to build whole, surreal scenes with their own internal logic. Luminous metallic and acrylic paint lights the way into these tales in progress. Things look familiar, but the rules of the physical world do not apply. Each collage tells a story, but not the whole story, offering mystery, intrigue, and delight.

"The flickering truth of which memories and dreams are made, the shifting light where conscious meets subconscious, the interconnectedness of all things: these are the threads that weave through my work, tying together miniature magical universes." -Elizabeth Ross