Artist Information

Joey was raised in Ohio and was the son of a Nazarene minister. At the age of 11 his family moved to Nashville where he lived until he was 19. Joey moved to New York and studied Hair Design and Make Up. After becoming a licensed stylist and professional Make-up artist he decided to move back to Tennessee here he has had a long successful career.

 During extensive travel, Joey found himself frequently drawn to Hawaii. A place he still considers a second home. He was particularly attracted to the art scene on Maui. On one of his trips there he found what would ultimately be his main inspiration to become a painter through the work of artist Gil Bruvel. It was not just the work itself that inspired him but also Gil's philosophy of having unlimited freedom from reality in his paintings. Joey had always been attracted to realism, but the combination of realism and fantasy became the direction that his work was going to take.

Predominantly self-taught, his journey was mostly trial and error with the underlying factor of perfection as the final goal. Early success as a painter came through, Artrageous, a yearly fundraiser for Nashville Cares.

He has worked with several interior designers as well as doing commission work the last few years. Joey would describe his work as predominantly a still life in a landscape. He works with vibrant colors and wants his work to give the viewer a sense an escape into a dream world that has the aesthetic of a piece of jewelry.