La Danseuse Jaune - 24" x 30" - oil on canvas

Artist Statement

"I do all of my paintings utilizing only my fingers, the movement of the paint is felt when applied and viewed on the canvas. I lived for a year in France, wherein I studied under the tutelage of John Gasparach and Alan Roberts who were taught by Leo Marchutz - a man greatly inspired by Paul Cezanne. I was blown away by the brightness and saturation of color in the landscapes, cityscapes and people of Aix-en-Provence and Paris. 
I base much of my artistic ideology on the impressionistic mindset. The idea that an artist must capture a moment in time, a scene, with quickness of stroke and bold color. Every stroke in this piece denotes its position of depth within the painting. Much of what I know and love about painting comes from my experience in living in Aix En Provence. 
"Cezanne and Degas are my greatest influences, their coloration and philosophy of fusing the eye to the hand is my mantra." -Claire Walsh