Artist Statement

In my artwork I develop a personal language. I intentionally seek no control but look for the possibilities in the paint and the process. My painting language suggests no room for dogmatic interpretation. I consider this a metaphor for an inward/outward journey.

I honor a thought by making a mark on the canvas. I do not have to know why that mark must be made. This process has been defined by art critics as a kind of “Glossolalia,” a language of its own.

Through a reduction and layering process, line and form emerge, seeming to disappear into obscurity. There is a sense of time and space. Alluding to life’s mysteries and ambiguities, nothing is clearly seen. An explosion and serenity may exist within one work. There will surely be different interpretations of that which is seen. That which is unseen is either intellectualized or felt.

I have been influenced by nature and relationships. Childhood memories growing up in rural Indiana infiltrate my consciousness. Later years were spent in large, cosmopolitan cities. Living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico, offered a return to the mystery of nature and an opportunity for solitude and creative community. After painting in Santa Fe, my journey now comes full circle with working studios in Dallas and Indianapolis. I will continue the journey of expressing myself visually, for that is what I have felt called to do. -Amy Cannady