Artist Statement

On the abstractions:

"These paintings are complex explorations of surface tension, geometric form, and space. The images are constructed in a way that allows for an archeology of the image to take place later in the painting process. The painting is not the culmination of material, but in the end state, the removal of material. The geometric forms, be them stripes, fractals, or tessellations, set up a grid and an ethereal sense of space that the organic forms can then inhabit. Paintings become finished once they have reached a stasis of balance between that which is painted and that which is removed." -Justin Baldwin

On the figures and absence thereof:

"These paintings are investigations into isolation, and memory. After moving from the city of Philadelphia to the isolated yet beautiful countryside in Missouri, I found myself making plein-air studies and taking photos of my surroundings. These paintings and photos started to translate into sublimated narratives of personal history, instances striving to represent the feeling of a moment rather than actual moment or space itself. The figures are from old photo references and then inserted into landscapes that have been both imagined and remembered." -Justin Baldwin

Artist Bio

JF Baldwin (or Justin Franklin Baldwin) was raised in Atlanta, Georgia and attended the Atlanta College of Art for his Undergraduate Degree and then followed up by studying at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and finally The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts for his Masters Degree. He has been selling paintings and showing since the age of 15, and self employed as an artist since the age of 22. He currently lives and works in Troy, Missouri citing the seclusion of nature as inspiration for his works.