Artist Statement

“Life comes at me all at once, and making art enables me see the world clearly with all its confusion, wonder and beauty. This is what I try to capture in my paintings, and what I want people to see, and feel, when they look at them.

“Writing used to be my way of expressing myself — I was a newspaper reporter, a fiction writer, a college professor– but then words became like dough that stuck to my fingers. So now I paint and draw and make things, stuff I used to do as a kid.  Like I’ve come back to myself. My paintings are everything I think and feel and witness, everything I find funny and sad and absurd. They are my offering of myself to the world.” -B Lucy Stevens

About the Artist

B. Lucy Stevens is an internationally recognized mixed-media artist living in Providence, Rhode Island. Lucy paints intuitively, and her work is vibrant and expressionistic as daily life is imagined in a brilliant cacophony of color and pattern with deeply affecting results. She is inspired by primitive and outsider art and her far-flung travels, from South America, to Indonesia to the South of France, where she lived for a year on a flower farm.

Lucy leads art workshops for children in underserved communities and for adults with developmental disabilities, and she is hugely inspired by their art as well.

Her work has been featured in galleries and shows throughout the U.S. as well as in France and the U.K. She is represented by Lucky Street Gallery, in Key West, Florida.