Artist Statement

I paint what I see, what I remember, and what I imagine and it all gets mixed together,
 like it is in my mind

I crave solitude but fear isolation

There are times I cannot stop painting—I make a cup of tea and forget to drink it I forget I have to pee

I go to the supermarket with paint on my face and in my hair

I tell my stories and other people’s

and I am grateful to those who have shared with me bits and pieces of their lives

Everything that is true is beautiful I read this the other day

I’m grateful to all the artists whose work has touched me

and who I have learned from

I am grateful that I have a way to express myself

Also that I’m a painter and not a dancer so I can do this until I’m 100

I’ve lived in the south of France on a flower farm
and on a muddy river in Indonesia
and in New York City
My childhood was mostly spent in the woods of New Hampshire where there was never enough sun

I always drew and made things, but never did it occur to me to go to art school

I liked to write, too—even back then I was curious to know people’s stories—so I became a newspaper reporter and later a writing teacher so I could help others tell their stories

I did this for a pretty long time

All along, though, I was drawing—in my reporter’s notebooks

and on the backs of student papers

and then I started to paint
and finally the need to make art all the time grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go And I’m still dancing in its crazy embrace.